Everytime we sell a Hat! WE give back our Save The Arts Program “EveryHatHasAStory” to kids across AMERICA. Buy a Hat Today! or Host “A PartyWithAPurpose” and Help Us Save The Arts!

Millions of Kids in the United States from 1st-12th Grade are growing up without the ARTS in their basic education.


RadHuman’s Founder Tony Milano Shares His Mission & Vision!

For every Hat that we sell at RadHuman “WE” give back our EveryHatHasAStory – SaveTheArts Program to kids across AMERICA.  We sell online and also through our “PartyWithAPurpose” program that we bring to companies, conferences and colleges throughout the United States.  Some of our past PartyWithAPurpose clients include IDEO, Google, YouTube, Deloitte, Bausch & Lomb, C2Montreal Conference, 72 & Sunny, VA Hospital (NYC) and many more.


“Tony Milano (RadHuman) provided the most moving corporate giveaway I’ve seen in over twenty years! I witnessed our attendees being transformed right in front of my eyes. A simple hat was turned into a story that not only opened up each attendee’s creativity to a new level, but became the focal point of the week. The give back to the kids was just icing on the cake.”
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Rick Dunaj / President-The Dunaj Agency Corporate/Celebrity (Ellen Show)

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