For every hat that we sell at WE together give back our EveryHatHasAStory – SaveTheArts Program to kids across AMERICA through our Buy1GiveOne Platform. Please buy a Hat and help us SaveTheArts in America!


“RadHuman conducted a workshop at a client conference for us and it was a great success. It was the perfect ice breaker for our mixed level and background crowd. It was invitingly creative, warm and purposeful. Everyone seemed to have smiled on their faces throughout the event. We will use RadHuman in future events across a diverse spectrum of objectives.”

Heather Rangel

Principal, U.S. Technology Sector Leader

“Tony Milano (RadHuman) provided the most moving corporate giveaway I’ve seen in over twenty years! I witnessed our attendees being transformed right in front of my eyes. A simple hat was turned into a story that not only opened up each attendee’s creativity to a new level, but became the focal point of the week. The give back to the kids was just icing on the cake.”
I highly recommend

Rick Dunaj

President-The Dunaj Agency
(Ellen Show)

“Tony Milano uses his creativity for a uniquely rad cause: giving young people access to the arts. And the fact that he does this by giving corporates the time of their lives – well it’s win win win (rad rad rad). We had a great session at YouTube, and I’m a signed up fan!”

Oona King

YouTube’s Global Director Of Diversity
Member of the House of Lords & The Baroness King of Bow


Everytime we sell a RadHuman Hat! We give back our SaveTheArts Program called "EveryHatHasAStory" to kids across the United States.

80% of our Public Schools lack Creative Arts Education.

RadUncle's History, Mission & Vision to help SaveTheArts in America

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