1st Ever “RadHuman” Day Event In Conjunction With the Women’s Day March Celebration

We had a our 1st ever RadHuman Day event this last weekend on Jan.14th, 2018 at The Giving Garden House to celebrate the Women Day March which is this Saturday on Jan.20th.

And we had an absoulutely amazing time …it was a beautiful and profound time spent together creating, sharing and communicating with one another. Special thank you’s to Kevin Abrams from Alpine Labs for Producing the event and saying yes and a huge amazing yes to Karli McGuiness of Rock Your Om for hosting/co-producing event and teaching an amazing and profound Yoga Class and to Gidget Granillo for Hosting the 1st ever RadHuman Event at her lovely and special home aka…”The Giving Garden” and to Be Boggs for her amazing Sign Making Zone that she created for our 1st ever RadHuman Day Event!!!!!

RadHuman Day was based around a Day of Interactivity, Community and Activism. We made homemade signs to prepare ourselves for the March this Sunday. (Sidenote the Women’s Day March will be the largest collective March in American History. )

We also did our Every Hat Has A Story experience creating Walking Billboards of RadNess….we chose from our 6 Different RadHuman Women Hero Series!!! Delores Huerta, Maya Angelou, Malala Yousafzai, Alice Paul, Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Warren. 

We had a writing a workshop in a TREE HOUSE..that was awesome*

and an amazing Community Yoga Class that was taken by all ages….which is a big part of RadHuman and was really special to see it all unfold…as people of all ages created and shared with one another from a 5 year old to a 78 year old….it was a day of family, new friends and old meeting together to celebrate the RadNess in us and to honor and to bring awareness to Women’s Rights, Human Rights, to Equality to Education to being a better world and a better America and this is the time..It is our time and we can’t sit……We must engage with one another….Community, Creativity…with Cause and Purpose to better our society and culture…..our RadHuman Day Event was amazing…Can’t wait to have the next one!

We would like to bring a RadHuman Day to your town, city or community. Let us know how we can bring the RadHuman Day to your Community and let’s Interact and make some make America Rad Again…….RadAmerica Project :)))))))



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