4 New Rad Hats and Each One Is Very Unique and Different From The Other. (***$#&^^@Q#@_++*&^^@!)

1618497_10151705808369058_1121732144_n This one is called “You’re A Miracle” It looks great all by itself but I am so stoked to paint on this and add colors to it….I have a feeling it’s going to really lead itself to ….”OH PLEASE PAINT ME” I can see a “””plethora””” of colors zinging on this one :))1781908_10151705843099058_160748066_n I just love the script…it’s classic and it pops New School and Has Old School intertwined at the get go ::::))))) 1901347_10151705778419058_676038489_n We have 3 colors for the design You’re a Miracle Pink, Black and Green.1926664_10151705851024058_1988424250_n  Follow Your Radnessssssssss…..What’s your passion…what do you love…..have fun, be in the now…..and Follow Your Big Soul Sunshine Dance ::::))))))))). 1011226_10151705860514058_2053036027_n 1391764_563783690353458_924970894_nOne World Under Rad….”Shine Your Light, Shine It Bright”


Special Thanks to Kenny Felix and Neil Bardem for taking my artwork and putting their magical graphic talents on the crafting..beautiful work guys!!!!


There are more coming but these are a few of our recent rad creations :::::) From the House Of Rad!!! It’s all about the Soul Funk!!

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