$40 Picasso’s By Me! One Of A Kind Custom Painted Hats By President Rad :))))))



One of the many Rad things that I do at RadUncle.com is create ONE OF A KIND CUSTOM ORIGINAL’S!

I paint/draw on hats or shirts using my designs from my Rad Store on my site. They make a great gift for someone. They are powerful and full of energy! I call them “Walking Billboards” because you can notice them from across the room.

I ask that you give me one of your favorite songs or albums that is personal to you and then I listen to that song or album as I draw/paint on your hat or shirt. I feel personally connected to each piece of art that I create for you.  The music helps me and inspires me.

*When you order. 

1. Please tell me which hat you want from the Rad Store https://radhuman.net/product-category/hats/

2. And tell me your favorite 3+colors or you can leave this option open and I can paint you whatever inspires me at that moment as I’m listening to the music that you pick…all or good options :) )

3. Please email me at Rad@RadUncle.com or you can Facebook message me on the Rad Uncle Facebook page or call me at 310-266-8529

Thank You For Your Rad Support And Please Share With Your Friends And Family. This Is A Great Gift And Surprise For Someone Special In Your Life!

**Please like the Rad Uncle Facebook page**

In Rad We Trust..Aloha


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