RadHuman/RadTeacher..some thoughts on the Dalai Lama

I love this RadDude….The Dalai Lama brings the love…..deep love and then some and I’m in deep agreement with him on his quote “The Western Woman Will Save The World” to me it’s our progression as a society by and large woman give birth, give life by nature it’s not there instinct to go to war be it for money or for power reasons…I believe because of the mere fact that a woman can give life it’s in her deep built conciousness to give life 1st instead of being able to shut down and to take life….Man in general is closer to that reality (not always the case) but consistently more so then a woman and in our day in age of mass communications we more understanding and group communication as a whole. Here’s the link to the Dalai Lama Hat https://radhuman.net/shop/radhuman-dalai-lama/images-6images-5Cif5PquUYAICBCuimages-4 hh-dalai-lama-mosquito-quote-e6f2b0cc-sz609x343-animatehistory-of-the-dalai-lama fb-images-ct-tragedy-dalai-lama The_Art_of_Happiness dalai-lama-quote-1 images 14th_Dalai_Lama Dalai-Lama peace_dalai_lama

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