I’m SuperStoked to Paint Again after 3 weeks (7 New One Of A Kind Customs)

It feels Absolutely AMaZIngggg to create/paint again after taking a few weeks of from the ol mighty flu throwdown!!!! Special thanks for Pia in Koln, Germany for her patience and deep support..thank U Pia!! I want to thank Matt and Shannon for their family support..I listened to Shannon’s song she picked for me 14x’s in a row!!!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqwjjsFNihs Natty Dread by Bob Marley..It was so sweet to get into the groove of Bob Marley and his sweet story that he was singing and telling in the song Natty Dread. Matt picked a unique song that I’ve never heard before and it took me back to High School/First years of College..having no worries and chilling at home with my girlfriend…just kicking it in the sun….super sweet syrup rich deep melodic soul rock shine song :)))  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD4Vt-lL-9M&feature=kp.

Pia 2 for Pia…The Beauty from Germany who loves Greek Food is mama of two adorable wild beautiful boys and is a one of the hottest Dr’s on the planet..seriously :)))

Shannon & Matt…Shannon has a pottery/kiln studio and Matt is a Rad writer..they just had a baby beautiful

Casper “The Artist Big SoulSurfer” Brindle….He wanted Pink/Silver/Orange ….I know someone is making a movie about him being a surfer and an a super rad and successful artist

Almu The Madrid SoulGirl who rips at surfing and skating and making the world’s number #1 video game “”the Last of Us”” …Super Talented…Bubbles when your close to her

Nicolas Pumpkin Alvarado…Aka The RadUncle Champion Of DJ Lore…You got to see this Nic’s smile….a heart warmer that glows the whole room up!! and he’s one of the special DJ’s in So Cal..High Level Octane…lives on Rad Juice


image4 Rad Customs Chilling Together…just being homies and posing a lil bit

image7 Rad Customs Chilling Before the big winter rain storm

image5 Customs Hanging Out..Outside the RadHouse

imageMatt and his brilliant brillance

imageShannon and her Natty Dredd

imagePia Yes

imageFor Pia’s Dear Friend

imageAlmu The Rad Madrid SoulSurfer



imageI like the swoooooosh..it reminds me of the ocean wave w the soul sun coming down…I can see the stain glass of the church windows and the sunlight piercing through

imageShannon’s hat and some of the steps of the pink and teal ..experience





imageWhen I see the skeleton of a hat design ..I sometimes just want to stop w the black painting and wear it….I’m going to make some just w black….I like it…but i love color so much that it’s hard for me to stay w just one color but the black designs really “Pop” by themselves




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