A Few Words From Our President By The President Written For The President By The “”RAD”” President….”Himself”

Dear Fellow Citizens Of The Rad…..E X P E R I E N C E :)))
I just wrote this copy below for our first catalog coming out and before I finished I was BBQ’ing on my neighbors barbecue, some lovely teriyaki chicken with onions. But, I had a lil problem…I had a bunch of rice just before I ate some of the chicken and I ate too fast so, I did something that I shouldn’t have…I went to the fridge and got out the cold Mango juice and began to gulp…Note to self don’t eat rice and stuff your face and then eat chicken and then try to wash it down w cold mango juice.
I almost choked as I was writing the 3 pillar principles of RadUncle for the 1st catalog. So, the good news is the President survived to get his message out…Enjoy! It’s directly from the Book Of Rad Old School Meets New School Testament of Radness!!
Rad Uncle is built on 3 pillar principles of Radness 🙂
1. You’re A Miracle
Just to get here.
It takes close to a billion sperm to get to your mama’s egg that in itself makes you a living breathing amazing race survivor and champion but what happens is almost all of us from the get go forget how amazing we are to here and to HERE NOW.
2. Follow Your Radness
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It takes a lot to simplify your experience enough to consistently tap into your favorite pastimes that are healthy, humane and create community.
We believe at RadUncle that one of the greatest skills in life is to tap into your highest potential and focus your intention on your deepest passions by using a combination of your mind, body and soul for the betterment of world, mankind and the self.
3. Rad, wasn’t built in a day
Rad, wasn’t built in a day is the company’s 1st trademarked slogan. it’s where it all began.
It takes time to build a dream to create a dream and to fulfill a dream.
The RadUncle company is not just selling clothing to make money. We are a portal of radness and we are spreading rad information constantly through every facet of what we do from our company blog “Rad’s Brain” to our unique clothing designs that all have a message based around the rad experience to our local and national charity events with non profits and schools that are committed to superior education of our kids.
Creativity is our Co-Pilot and Hard-Work is our guided and trusted Homeboy.
Stay Rad My Friends
President Rad
Tony Milano

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