Pics from our last Rad Community Event “Beach Clean Up & Bonfire At Dockweiler”


Here’s a recap from our last Rad Community Event which was on Nov.22nd at Dockweiler State Beach in El Segundo, California.


We came together to have a community Beach Clean Up and Then a Bonfire afterwards to celebrate eachother, the day and radness of giving back by doing a great thing by cleaning up the beach!!! We picked up over 8 large bags of trash and it felt great to be out in the nature and helping out the beach. I’m a big surfer and hiker and I love the nature and I love living here in Los Angeles and having the access to be in nature in 5-30 mins from the Pacific Ocean to the Beautiful Santa Monica Mountains. We are truly fortunate to live in such a beautiful place as Southern California. It has soul much to offer here with its access to the media and it’s access to nature there is no place on earth that has such unique and completely different gifts and that is why Los Angeles is the Lost Angel and she is always ALWAYS needing “US” Rad Peeps to help her out in any shape or way that “WE” can and one of the ways is to get great people together and to have a great time in a community setting. I encourage “EVERYONE” to create their Rad Community and to do great things for their neighbor and for the things that they our passionate about…share those amazing skillls, gifts and deep love and spread that energy to the masses of Los Angeles and to the core niche of your neighbor, your work and your friends and family and know that you always have a home and community with us at here at The RAD COMMUNITY.

Our goal is to share community and to do Rad things along the way and do good at the sametime as we engage, enrich and enlighten eachothers lives that is the way of the rad :))

I had many flashes that come to mind from the events of our last get together…..I loved seeing my friend Joni Barsky charging up the steep embankment of the ice plant and going after trash that was almost out of reach but she charged it and she gave me extra energy by just watching her climb those hills/sand mountains :))) and to see the kids have the opportunity to pick up  and clean mother earth and have a sense of deep understanding and purpose of what they where doing and knowing why they where their and a special thanks to Meredith & Bianca for bringing the hula hoops and the amazing energy that they brought to the Bonfire by stoking all the kids and adults with endless hours of hooping around the bonfire! (And for bringing your friend Peaches who showed us how amazing it is to watch Fire and Dancing and seeing them magically and skillfully mixed together) and thanks to Jeff & Ryan for coming through with the ton of firewood!! and Thanks Brothers..that was timely in deed and for Vaishali bringin the $9 Vino :)))))) and Jens for coming after work and taking a few photos and just bringing your radness!!! and last but not least Tawnya, Gidget and Kenny for the deep love and support of being there and sharing in the community true spirit just LIKE YOUUUUU UUUU UUUU UUUU UUUUU…Just Like You.  Our next Rad Community event will be Dec.7th at 11am-2pm it will be an “Every Hat Has A Story” Community Event…I’m not sure will it will be yet…I’ll keep you posted and our next Beach and Bonfire will be the 2nd week of January….Aloha Ohana…have an amazing Thanksgiving Family Week Everyone…Big Love Gounnamed-5



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