“A Moment In The Life Of Rad”

I’m a single Dad with two amazing kids. My daughter Bodhi just started the 6th Grade and she’s 11 and she’s rad and my son Adler is 9 and he’s in the 4th Grade and he’s rad….today, I burnt their Chocolate Croissants in the oven….I overcooked them and there’s nothing like overcooked Chocolate Croissants in the morning my son let me know that!!!!! After the morning wonders/blunders of being a RadDad. I got the kids to school on T I M E (this is a big deal because I’m usually a few minutes late even when I’m trying to be on time) Does anyone else have this gift?

After I left the kids…I made my way to the BEACH. I parked the car and went barefoot and once I got to the sand area…I could see to the ocean about 150 yards was a clear path with no lifeguard station or people to be found…so, something in me said …”Tony, why don’t you close your eyes and walk til you feel the water on your feet” and so, guess what I did…I did an impromptu trust walk by myself with my eyes closed all the way to the beach ….and this was my experience….first thing I noticed was how good the morning sand felt on my feet…and the sun was warm not hot but a warm awesome temperature…as I started to walk at 1st I could hear people behind me in the parking area talking and it began to amplify as I walked closer to the beach and around the mid point between the parking area and the water/beach….the sound began to shift towards the sound of the ocean. That was one of my 1st insights into my self guided close my eyes…walk to the beach before 9am trust walk and as I got closer to the beach…I became more afraid and more cautious…I was starting to hear the sound of the ocean waves crashing and making their powerful and consistent sound and then the sand began to change from thousands of particles of sand mushing through my toes ….the sand became firmer and harder and hand more structure….I went up slightly maybe a foot and then slowly descended down a small lil sand hill and the sand was slightly damp and the sound was full Dolby Sound System Home Movie Special Kinda Of Full Body SOUND EFFECT…..I was here….I touched the water….I felt the OCEAN on my feet and I smiled.

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