A Rad Friend’s Story of SURVIVING CANCER

happyhollowMy friend Sean has been staying at my house here in Santa Monica for the last week. He is here on a job shooting a spot for GoPro and he has been working on the side a project for RadUncle using some of his unique filming skills with his GoPro setup. The footage will be amazing and I’m super stoked and honored to see his brilliance shine. Sean has worked with some of the best people in the film industry and one of those people is Errol Morris one of the phenomenal creative beast in the doc film making world. Sean is a warrior an artist genius type of guy that loves surfing..loves it so much it consumes his waking life

sharkysharkLA_fishI’ve known Sean for close to 8 Years on and off. We have been friends and surf buddies and have tried for several years to work on something creative together but nothing usually ever happens between us but we share great stories and always seem to get lost with each other with surfing and just everything surf lifestyle. Sean is much more private and technical then I and when he starts hyperventilating about a certain equipment I start to get lost. I prefer to wear no leash and no suit for 8+ months of the year. We are in middle of October and I’m still in my trunks! I will probably last til November when the NorthWest Bombs begin to filter in here in SoCal.thecitysunday

Something happened last night in our discussion….he was editing in one of the rooms and I was painting a custom original and our Dad’s popped up in conversation and the story of ashes and being cremated came up…I still have my Dad’s ashes and yes, every once in a while I talk to the box and have a dear Rad Dad session with my Dead Rad Dad:))) I miss my Dad, I wish he had the chance to see my kids and to just be someone who I could have as a mentor as I became more and more of a man. That being said Sean is one of those friends that I can go super deep with about every subject and we went super deep last night about life and death and Sean is a recovering from Colon Cancer stage 4 where they took out over 44 lymph nodes, his spleen, a lot of colon and parts of his pancreas. wpid-20131018_231429.jpgYou gotta understand that Sean is one of those crusty sweet types that will hike for two hours to surf alone in shark infested waters to just get the Natural experience and the deep rawness of life. He has a photo/blog called Injun Joe Gift Basket..http://www.injunjoegiftbasket.com/ that is sorta like the movie Deadman by Jim Jarmusch it’s moody and beautiful and stoic at the same time a lot like Sean (This photos our his from his blog in this RadBrain’s Post). Sean has been recovering mostly in Boise, Idaho and San Francisco. Most of his work comes from editing in San Francisco and he loves the surf up there but his family lives in Boise and he has a house in Boise that’s close to a river..where he river surfs…Sean is like a Patagonia Poster Child.blueOP

Sean has been in a group of Cancer patients and he has told me some amazing heartfelt stories about these regular people from all walks of life that get Cancer and about their individual stories and how they battle to survive and how they give it their all in all fight heroically for their lives but most don’t make it. This is very hard for me when I look at Sean. I’m talking a passionate human that loves life to the fullest. He is the epitome of a naturalist and it just shows you how life can go so quickly and it does…we are here for just a small portion of time in our experience. Life is hard and it’s amazing and it really goes by so fast.  My question to my self is why does it take usually something tragic to alter our direction in our lives to live to our highest potentials to FOLLOW OUR RADNESS to be our biggest dreams realized. This is my question to myself.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 5.52.38 AM

I love you Brother Sean!!!

Sean has a few tips. He uses Eastern Medicine and Western Medicine. He says make sure that you remember that your Doctor works for you and to always trust your intution. Your goal is to survive and beat the cancer. Don’t fear the cancer attack the Cancer. In his surgeries he was adamant about the Surgeon being absolutely aggressive in taking more then less and gave the Surgeon the freedom to not hold back and play it safe. He eats Kale and Cabbage Salads everyday, Sardines in Olive Oil (unsmoked), Green Tea (his own blend), Kombucha. He has radically alkalined his system. It’s been two years that he’s been cancer free. He is still in a critical phase in his fight against Cancer.

Being close to Surfing has been a huge part of his conscious recovery and photography of the surf culture from the rivers of Idaho to the shorelines of San Diego or 2 hours North of San Francisco. Sean has been consciously active in Following His Radness and it’s working on his subconscious!!!!!

Sean You’re a Miracle Thank You For Being A Guide And Thank You For FOLLOWING YOUR RADNESS!!!

U Our A Great Mirror For Me Always!!!! To Live My Life To The Fullest And Share This Rad Dream!!!!

FcouchSean painted this board

Tony 10/19/13

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