Ai Wei Never Sorry Documentary (Amazing Film)

Ai Wei is one of the great artist right now in the world.

Chinese, visionary human, twitter addict, lover of food, big concept dreamer and man of action and conviction.

The film Ai Wei Never Sorry goes deep into why he is such a force and a real enigma for China. If China is moving forward they have to deal with this mirror Ai Wei and he shows up and lets the world know about it. Ai Wei is a very unique and gifted person. He alone is an awesome artist in idea and execution but he has something more then just I’M JUST A GREAT ARTIST DOING MY SHIT…he has another side to him that’s part ego, part family, part I know what is right and I know what is wrong and this guy, AI WEI charges through in his fear, fearlessness, his totality of self….this guy attacks and I deeply appreciate his full commitment.

This Documentary is a must for anyone that has fucking heart and soul




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