Amazing Party With A Purpose w Special Guest NASA Scientist Michelle Thaller

We had an amazing Party With A Purpose on Friday Feb.12th, 2016 at Environmental Lawyer Lisa Kaas Boyle’s House in the Pacific Palisades here in Los Angeles, California. It was an epic SaveTheArts night where we had a very special guest all the way from Washington, DC. The one and only awesome Michelle Thaller from NASA graced us with her brilliance in all things STARS and in those amazing words not just Astronomy but the human spirit. Michelle is not just a scientist but a humanist with a flair of the gift of STORYTELLING and true artist in a brilliant Scientist body…we where blessed to have Michelle share her story, passion and grace us with the powerful and profound truth that we are all STARS and made up of the same DNA as Stars…an amazing evening capped with our Every Hat Has A Story Interactive Art Party where we created over 60+ Hats and from that will know be going to the Non Profit the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica and giving back the same Every Hat Has A Story Art Experience to a continuation High School that will be working with our SaveTheArts Program.

Truly a great evening and a wonderful start to Feb.2016!

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