Be See Know Love

Be See Know Love


I woke up this morning before my alarm at 527am and I have my lil rad routine where I make my coffee, use the restroom, meditate, think and feel…..When I meditate for 10 minutes….I sit in an upright position and breath from my nose and feel the breathe from my nose gently touch the top of my lip and I repeat that for 10 minutes and I just breathe and feel and let my thoughts come and when I get to concrete w a thought or emotion from that thought I just keep going back to the simple and continous breathing/feeling exercise…the goal of the meditation is to breathe and feel and to keep coming back to feeling.

That’s my go to morning mojo of radness

and my word phrase of the day is

Be See Know Love






From the Book Of Rad

LifeSkills For The 21st Century

Concentrated Heart Syrup….Just Add SOUL (You)

Big Love

President Rad

Tony 🙂

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