Be Yourself Poem by Rad Uncle


Defining john cage

becoming debuffett

realizing patti smith seeing

feeling sam shepherd

befriending viggio mortensen

trusting p.j. harvey

questions for maya angelou

hearing cesaria evoria

being     friends w dalai lama

answering rumi’s call

tapping into jackson pollock

resting with maria rilke rainer then rewriting his name rainer maria rilke

having fun w joan miro

giving gandhi

recieving mandela’s message

understanding martin luther king

dreaming with salvador dali

perform with rauschenberg

sing sade songs

dance words for ee cummings


for all the living creative moments


for all the dead spirits that are smiling and clapping

be yourself

and confucious says

be yourself

and einstein says

be yourself

as louis    arm  strong sings its a wonderful world

we begin  to  understand carl jung’s dream machinE

sitting with buddha

walking with jesus

eating with julia childs

fingerpainting picassos

exploring jacque cousteau

let’s get it on marvin gaye


be yourself


I wrote this out and did one of my faces….a friend of mine calls it handwritten genius


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