Being a Mentor and Why It’s Important.

Being a Mentor…being a person that gives to his community.


What does that mean and what does it look like?

I find that a lot of people love the idea of mentoring and giving back to community, kids and making the world a better place.

I hear that all time and I hear that people are busy with their business and personal life so it’s difficult to mentor or giveback. So, my suggestion is to make your personal and business life have some crossover with mentoring and your community.

That is why I started the SaveTheArts Program because I was looking at ways to giveback and mentor and work with our communities across the United States. I saw an issue with the lack of creativity (a problem) and I had a idea of what to do with my EveryHatHasAStory  being the SaveTheArts Program and from that I created a Mentorship Experience and now I get to work with kids and communities across the country and amazing people with amazing different skill sets and backgrounds come with me and talk, share, teach, speak, listen and create with kids and this is how we help…Eachother :)))))

We had a beautiful event this last week at the APCH – A Place Called Home Community Center in Los Angeles. It was wonderful and incredible program that the APCH Community Center runs….very thankful to work with them and share with their kids/community.

Here’s to purpose…here’s mentoring and here’s to giving back to others.

This is the way of the RAD*

President Rad



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