Being Human in the 21st Century

Being Human in the 21st Century.

We have so many gifts with our modern technology.

We have so many things going on with our modern technology

We have so many experiences happening all the time…..that I’ve begun to look at Life Skills needed for the 21st Century and I’ve been exploring with the subtle body and our 5 senses…going back to the basics the fundamentals of being alive and being HUMAN.

Our Nervous System is this amazing incredible awe inspiring system of how we live/interact and experiecne being alive…it’s the blueprint of our being, our basic 5 senses of being are vital for us merging with the advancement of our technology and being HEALTHY HUMAN’s in the 21st Century.

I’m advocating that our LIFE IS ART and the dance/imprinting of being human in the 21st Century will be a phenomenal task of staying connected to our 5 senses.

Our 5 senses






As I think on our senses I become aware of having time to explore myself…having the time to devote a discplined ritual of being able to drop in and be connected to myself…these will be some of the keys to moving forward and blending our modern technology with the subtle body self…going back to the basics of smell, touch, hear, taste and sight.

I wanted to share these morning thoughts with you because I believe that ultimately RadHuman’s SaveTheArts Mission that we are doing is finding that the ART is one’s Life and the SaveTheArts is and will be in the future about teaching/sharing/coaching/encouraging and implementing Life Skills For The 21st Century and working with Kids/Communities across the America and the World…..focusing on the Greatest ART that is being ALIVE…..I believe our greatest art is LIFE.

Sending energy, love and kindness to you and your love ones….your community where you reside.



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