Starting a 10 day juice fast : Day 1

My youngest brother Michael & I have embarked on a 10-14 day green juice fast. [...]


New RadHuman Stickers…Love These Messages.

I’ve been working on my 1st Book Of Rad not sure of the working title [...]

RadTIPS for the 21st Century (5 Senses/Meditation)

RadTIPS for the 21st Century “5” Senses Meditation – RadHuman Life Hacks :)) (I call [...]


Learning lessons does not end You will forget all of this Your answers lie inside [...]

Rad Message

One minute read – potentially life changing… By Kurt Vonnegut: “When I was 15, I [...]

RadHuman Thoughts (Adapting)

Imagine all the people. living life as one. I woke up this morning with the [...]

“A Moment In The Life Of Rad”

I’m a single Dad with two amazing kids. My daughter Bodhi just started the 6th [...]

Hafiz-Poetry Night/Dinner

My friend Neda and Pouya are having a Poetry Night at their home..this week and [...]

Rad…I Love You Story/Update

Earlier this week…I was on a Photo Production Job and one of the Producers Elizabeth [...]

I Love This Kid’s Story “Fred VanFleet” Of The Toronto Raptors…You’re A Miracle!

What an honor to watch this guy play the last month. I didn’t know who [...]

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