BookOfRad – “Life Skills For The 21st Century”

I’ve taken some time off from writing my blog for a few months…I’ve made a few post but I’ve been collecting data over the last several months looking at the body of work that I’ve written over the last 3 years of having RadUncle and now, RadHuman.


I looked at the 400 Blog Post and now, I’ve been starting to sculpt, chisel, find the heartbeat, the rooted marrow of what I’m sharing to the world and It’s coming into to fruition of a Book called the

“Book Of Rad”

Life Skills For The 21st Century

I’ve done a lot of living the past few years…having the company RadUncle and my SaveTheArts vision and having 2 amazing young children under 9 years old and the life of being a single Dad. It’s been an amazing journey, experience and now distilling all these rad blog post and looking at the core theme of my life…that core message of why I created RadUncle and now RadHuman.

I’m excited to be crafting my 1st Book….the “Book Of Rad”


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