“Bruce Lee Sky Heaven One Family * Good Night Robin Williams”

Under the sky

Under the heaven

There’s but ONE family

Bruce Lee


Robin Williams died last night from a suicide, The Hamas use children to exploit Israel, Israel takes more then its share..the Palestinian people suffer. The world looks on. We break bread with everyone. Life has something greater then what we have it has more life and since we are all on different clocks of time and perception that makes for different realities for each individual person regardless of town, city, state, country, region, religion you are from.

We are all under the SKY

Which is inside HEAVEN


One Big Family and everyone at the dinner table of life is on a different experience of reality by the mere definition that life is “CREATIVE”

When creativity exist “Life” bubbles and life happens and life becomes…this is one of the Yoda/Dar Elcnu secrets from the Book of Rad :))

Bruce Lee’s brilliance is in his focused creativity. A laser beam of energy that was channeled and honed over years of repetition and passion.

Bruce was a clear channel and a scholar of poetry and some of the greatest scholars of our world (Socrates, Plato, Einstein, Aristotle).

There is a freedom when there is no fear, when you are fearless

Under The Sky, Under The Heaven, There’s but one family

It started with “US” and it will end with “US”


The Polish, The Greeks, The Chileans, The Mongolians, The Ibiza Crowd, The Poor Kids in GuadaLajarra, Mexico, The Saudi Rollers in Dubai on vacation, The Family from South Carolina that’s having a picnic, the guy playing Tennis in Norway with two rackets….all of us…..ALL OF US

Under the sky

Under the heaven

All Of US

The Chinese The Russians The Middle East…New Zealand, Cape Verde

That espresso maker in Rome on the corner by the bread shop next to the flower vendor thats been there for 100 plus years……….

We are one Family Tree

and we are like a clock of time and we are all on different ticks and fractions that create differences and layers and layers of perception that keep us away from the



I think that’s why the World Cup is such a big deal…it’s a time and place for people from all over the world to watch a ball, a field and a few players…go up and down a field for hours..it’s simple..but in its simplicity it holds our focus and holds attention and here we create a bond of life force..even for a few seconds but there’s a bonding at times that creates a sense of peace amongst the people..entire countries shut down and take a chill pill.

Someday something massive will go down and that will hold our focus as a world and in those moments that is when the differences will be put down and we will all have to come together to survive but until that time….

It’s gonna take a lot of Bruce Lee’s in the world kitchen to get all the head chefs together to break bread over the olive branch

That being said….I love all people and I too see the world as a family

Good Night Robin Williams…Good Night






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