Building Of A Rad Company

Building of a Rad Company-

I had a friend of mine that said it’s not going to be a straight line. It certainly hasn’t it. But, I’ll say this I’m super stoked that “I” get to share, create and build a Rad Company. That’s abSOULutely amazing!!! and I’m aware of that and honored to be able to do this dream…One day at a time because….”Rad, wasn’t built in a day”


Today was a big day of focus on building out the “Every Hat Has A Story” Program…Going to have something really special to share in the coming weeks with regards to the Every Hat Has A Story Program.EveryHatBannerand a few other major major major twist of the rad universe are coming to fruition.

This is the way of the RAD.

Happy New Year Everyone…and Happy 1st Monday of the year!!!

Aloha Cheers-

President Rad

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