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  • Be See Know Love

    Be See Know Love Yourself I woke up this morning before my alarm at 527am and I have my lil rad routine where I make my coffee, use the restroom, meditate, think and feel…..When I meditate for 10 minutes….I sit in an upright position and breath from my nose and feel the breathe from my […]

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  • World Cup Hysteria and The Life Of The Fan!!!!

    I’m losing it. The truth is getting out of the bag again…every 4 years the beast…the hidden spirit animal of SuperFan comes out…Not quite sure what happens to me but I become obsessed enchanted crazed consumed by the ancient call of sport!!!! Not exactly sure what happens but my focus is entralled by World Cup […]

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  • Happy “EARTH” Day..Love You RadHuman!

    Sending Love and Blessings to YOU and Your Loved Ones wherever you may be in the world today! Happy EARTH to yoU and our Planet…May we be STEWARDS of our planet and our fellow Human’s and give peace and light to Mankind and great thanks to our beautiful planet….How amazing is EARTH. What a magical […]

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  • Being Human in the 21st Century

    Being Human in the 21st Century. We have so many gifts with our modern technology. We have so many things going on with our modern technology We have so many experiences happening all the time…..that I’ve begun to look at Life Skills needed for the 21st Century and I’ve been exploring with the subtle body […]

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  • Why. I Started The Global “I LOVE YOU” Sticker Campaign

    Connection Being human in the 21st Century….Commonality, Community. When I look at the “I LOVE YOU” Sticker and it’s Art it’s Reach it’s Why…I go back to this picture here and the pure state of being..there is just pure love coming from this kidthat became this manI have a lil SOLILOQUY that kind of sums up […]

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  • The Oldest Living Thing…..Do You Know Me?

    I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about the Oldest Living Thing….How did it get to 4000 years old and how did it get over 300 feet tall…how did it slowly and gradually and …..AND become 4000 years old….All the history we know…these LIVING THINGS where 3000 years before us and most […]

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  • RadHuman-Sunday Morning Thoughts

    Sunday morning thoughts As my kids sleep away on this beautiful early morning…I can hear the sound of the birds and the distant shoreline of waves breaking….. I love early mornings I love the sounds of the world around me gently waking into the new day and this gives me the diving board to say […]

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