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  • Confucious Master Work – “Having No Depraved Thoughts”

    Confucious died in 479 B.C.E. and this writing below is from his disciples that followed their teacher and passed on his life’s work in the book of analects.   From The Book of Analects 500 B.C.E :   The Master said,   “He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to […]

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  • Arts, Aristotle & Me

    “In the eighth book of Politics, written around 350 BCE, Aristotle advocates the inclusion of drawing in education. He divides education into four branches of instruction: reading and writing, gymnastic exercise, music, and sometimes drawing. Aristotle felt that artistic training included mastery of a medium and gaining knowledge of one’s environment.”  The Art Of Life….Aristotle was […]

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  • Being a Mentor and Why It’s Important.

    Being a Mentor…being a person that gives to his community.   What does that mean and what does it look like? I find that a lot of people love the idea of mentoring and giving back to community, kids and making the world a better place. I hear that all time and I hear that […]

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