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RadHumanBody – My RadTips!

♡ Today I did my longest handstand…close to 30 seconds. I’ve been working hard on [...]

Why. I Started The Global “I LOVE YOU” Sticker Campaign

Connection Being human in the 21st Century….Commonality, Community. When I look at the “I LOVE [...]

One of my favorite poets – “Dropping Keys” by Hafez

Dropping Keys The small man Builds cages for everyone He Knows. While the sage, Who [...]

Arts, Aristotle & Me

“In the eighth book of Politics, written around 350 BCE, Aristotle advocates the inclusion of drawing [...]

How you can help with the Global “I LOVE YOU” Campaign

In the last month we’ve handed out over 4200 I Love You’s with our RadSomeone [...]

The Poem – Guest House by Rumi.

The Guest House This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. [...]

Rad Collaboration with “A Place Called Home”

Had a really powerful and beautiful SaveTheArts America experience last week. The awesome Ad Agency [...]

RadHuman John Lee Hooker Singing & Talking About The Blues


Powerful Insight/Prison System/American Cancer

I love this music compilation that the Radio Station NPR does called “Tiny Desk”, They [...]

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