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  • New Rad Film Coming Out

    Earlier in the week…I was down in San Diego working with Director/Filmmaker Zach Griffin on our next Rad Movie. It will be more on and about speaking and interacting with kids/adults/communities.  I’m really excited about it…Zach is a really talented filmmaker and we feel like we have some amazing content to cut from and make a […]

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  • I Love You

    Just finished these new stickers…super stoked to add a new chapter to the RadHuman I Love You Campaign….added a lil RadHuman to these to carry the soul torch for humanity…goal with the RadHuman I Love You Stickers is to share, spread and put the mirror of kindness out into the world for all of us […]

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  • 1st Ever “RadHuman” Day Event In Conjunction With the Women’s Day March Celebration

    We had a our 1st ever RadHuman Day event this last weekend on Jan.14th, 2018 at The Giving Garden House to celebrate the Women Day March which is this Saturday on Jan.20th. And we had an absoulutely amazing time …it was a beautiful and profound time spent together creating, sharing and communicating with one another. […]

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