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Learning lessons does not end You will forget all of this Your answers lie inside [...]

Confucious Master Work – “Having No Depraved Thoughts”

Confucious died in 479 B.C.E. and this writing below is from his disciples that followed [...]

Morning Thoughts w Einstein – Make America Create Again*

Creativity is what we are…we must we have too be creative to be a functioning [...]

Arts, Aristotle & Me

“In the eighth book of Politics, written around 350 BCE, Aristotle advocates the inclusion of drawing [...]

Powerful Insight/Prison System/American Cancer

I love this music compilation that the Radio Station NPR does called “Tiny Desk”, They [...]

NY City “Rad” EveryHatHasAStory Event at the VA Hospital

 Had an amazing RadHuman “EveryHatHasAStory” Event on Thursday this week at the Manhattan VA Hospital….We [...]

Great Book I Just Read – “The Four Agreements”

I just finished reading this incredible simple poignant heart felt and totally rad book called [...]

Save The Arts “Together” This Is How!!

Save The Arts Campaign It’s Simple…For Every Hat That We Sell “WE” Together Give Back [...]

Mother of Forest – Wangari Maathai (Nobel Peace Prize Winner)

Read this beautiful children’s book to my kids tonight before bed about Nobel Peace Prize [...]

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