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Merry Xmas/Happy Holidays From Rad Uncle

Big Love Everyone! My family and I want to wish you Happy Holidays, Merry Xmas, [...]

Trademark “RadKids”

What an amazing feeling to receive a Trademark that you worked hard on getting. We [...]

“Every Hat Has A Story” A Community Experience Created By RadUncle & RadKids at The Giving Garden Oct.26th

What a great time we had this last weekend at The Giving Garden sharing the [...]

Let My People Go Surfing…The Story Of The Company Patagonia

I’m on page 151…In 6 hours I read half the book….What a great book and [...]

I’m SuperStoked to Paint Again after 3 weeks (7 New One Of A Kind Customs)

It feels Absolutely AMaZIngggg to create/paint again after taking a few weeks of from the [...]

Show Up America…Kids need love, structure and support. The adventures of RadDad :))

This Video Chokes Me Up Kids need love, structure and support. I will actually say that [...]

Each hat has a story!!! “Good Day”

I’m calling this RadUncle Custom One Of A Kind Original “Good Day” I made this [...]

5 “RAD” Things Successful People Do Before 8am

My mom sent this to me this morning and I got to tell you that [...]

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