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My Un-Expected RadDinner…Recipe Included :)

My kids and girlfriend have both been gone traveling out of the country for a [...]

Who’s Your Hero? Here’s a list of 70. LMK yours :)

Who’s Your Hero…Heropedia folks for our website…I’m curious of some of your heroes? People that [...]

Day 15: The Fast Has Officially Left The Building….1st big meal in 3 weeks

Well start the check list of foods and restaurants that we get to check off! [...]

Day 10: Food Again….RadUncle Lives

  I couldnt sleep last night. Its interesting to me ..that when the body doesnt [...]

Day 8: Juice Fast (Deer In Headlights…The Food Porn Addiction Got Me) + My List of Food I Want To EAT AFTER THE FAST

I hit a wall last night…the DEER IN HEADLIGHTS sorta of feeling where everything got [...]

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