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Happy Valentine’s Day EVERYONE ” I took my kids to Daybreaker at 6am”

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Valentine’s Day from Hollywood!!! My friend Tawnya Calvillo took me and my [...]

Sesame Street with Stevie Wonder (RADHUMAN)

The moving of the kids….the rocking out to the jam….this made me smile deeply ..this [...]

RadHuman John Lee Hooker Singing & Talking About The Blues


The Yaybahar Instrument……….A Symphony In One Instrument….This is SOUL RAD….

CLOSE YOUR EYES and listen to this E x P E R ie NC Eeeeeeee [...]

No One Is Ever Gonna Love You More Then “I” Do …This song destroys me…E v E RY tiMEeee

u Ever have a love song that tears you up..right when you hear the cords [...]

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