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“Re-Building America With Love, Determination & Stamina”

Hello Everyone!!! Have A Beautiful Week. Doing something for your self this week…Do something for [...]

Year Of The Teen/National Boys and Girls Club Conference n Dallas

I was honored to be the opening Keynote Speaker at this years National Boys and [...]

“Definitive Purpose”

Soldiers, Warriors, Ants, Systems, Entrepreneurs…..The ever changing landscape of society…as the USA begins to get [...]

What’s Your Definitive Purpose?

Life..the journey The amazing gift of being human is the journey of being alive and [...]

I Am A “C H A M P I O N”

One of the parents at my son’s preschool told me that he worked in film [...]

I LOVE THE WORLD CUP!!!! and I’M ABSOLUTELY A NUTCASE RIGHT NOW ((((((((((((((:)))))))))))))))))) Follow Your RadNess

You know..I’ve been a vegan, I went on nomadic travels where I didn’t speak english [...]

10 Life Lessons From A Navy Seal ( University Of Texas Commencement Speech) AWESOME!!!

10 Life Lessons From A Navy Seal.   I read this article on LifeBuzz and [...]

“We Are Flesh and Blood..We Are Humanity” (Blog Post #194)

I was inspired to write this after I watched this 4 min video Rev. Dr. [...]

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