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The Rad Store is where we sell all things RadUncle

My Favorite Shirt Design (Great Gift for XMAS)

I Painted/Created this original artwork in Brazil…in Rio De Janiero in the 1990’s  and this [...]

A Great Visual For You To See How “I Create” A Rad Custom One Of A Kind Original Design

Hi Everyone!!! Here’s a simple breakdown of how I create some of my Rad Custom [...]

Trademark “RadKids”

What an amazing feeling to receive a Trademark that you worked hard on getting. We [...]

Where’s Rad In The World? My Buddy David Balson w The Incredible Hulk (Lou Ferrigno)

When I was a Freshmen in High School we had a good varsity Football team [...]

“Every Hat Has A Story” A Community Experience Created By RadUncle & RadKids at The Giving Garden Oct.26th

What a great time we had this last weekend at The Giving Garden sharing the [...]

SpaceShipRoCKetSHiP…….I’m so excited to paint these ElectricMagicHats Of RADNeSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ::::::))))))))))))))))

Here’s a rough sketch of one our newest RadFamily members…”Space Ship Rocket Ship” has landed [...]

4 New Rad Hats and Each One Is Very Unique and Different From The Other. (***$#&^^@Q#@_++*&^^@!)

This one is called “You’re A Miracle” It looks great all by itself but I [...]

Here’s A Rad Family Photo Shoot From The Russell Family in Laguna Beach, California

My  highschool classmate Mark Russell contacted me a few months ago through Facebook and really [...]

The Super Davis Rad Family

One of my funniest experiences so far with RadUncle was over xmas doing this really [...]

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