Chicago-ChiTag Toy & Game Conference

What an amazing week last week at the Chitag Toy & Game Conference in Chicago at the historic Navy Pier. My Rad Team of Michelle Ivanoff and Funn Roberts was incredible…..we got to share the love and spread the dep message about RadUncle’s Save The Arts Mission that for every hat that we sell WE together give back our Every Hat Has A Story Program where kids create thier own Walking Bilboards Of RadNess..Here are some great pics from Chitag 2016. Special thanks to Mary Couzin and Tanya Cook Thompson for the invite and incredible conference welcome. We had a blast…Thank you CHITAG!!!! Thank You CHICAGO and a special thank you to David Yakos for making our stencils…where we created over 1000 experiences at the conference for kids and family’s. Also, a huge amazing shout out to our sponsors Marvy Uchida has been my pen company that I use for Every Hat Has  A Story Programs and they really styled us this year and gave us an incredible assortment of the best paint pens on the planet and we RadPresented at the highest level….Thank YOU Uchida….Thank YOU!!! and a special thank to our Hat sponsor Otto Caps for sedning us our amazing hats to share with the Chitag Conference!! Thank You Otto!!!! and a again thank you to my Michelle and Funn for making the long trip and making RadNess by spreading the passion and love for CREATIVITY and the deep importance about the abSOULute need for art in our lives.


Aloha Thank you for your RadSupport…Always Tony (President Rad)  15218598_10153608293119058_23983690_n 15218455_10153608292989058_1443174800_n 15226420_10153608292129058_1020470930_n 15226532_10153608292004058_309328476_n 15211722_10153608296774058_466882436_n 15239427_10153608295124058_1710805518_n 15218376_10153608294954058_551883480_n 15281809_10153608291784058_1436725645_n 15215796_10153608291429058_82213110_o 15218670_10153608298139058_981161803_n 15227885_10153608297709058_515407732_n 15227885_10153608297409058_1131216440_n 15209200_10153608297099058_867084827_n 15239324_10153608296789058_2072059590_n15228056_10153608335664058_42969660_n15218616_10153608335564058_1623404237_n15228096_10153608336284058_235020230_n15218760_10153608336244058_1360182621_n15239337_10153608336039058_1474069592_n15216229_10153608335494058_118142729_o15208070_10153608335399058_1419313413_n15209167_10153608337959058_1960896825_n15228010_10153608337474058_971160286_n15208998_10153608334899058_103893232_n15281048_10153608334689058_1665093942_n15226634_10153608337134058_2090409221_n15224811_10153608336609058_44324855_o15226628_10153608336384058_1430207893_n15271475_10153608336414058_522191823_ocvyrimsweaac4yk

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