Civil Rights 1963 Washington DC Talk

I just watched an amazing interview from 1963 with Harry Belafonte, Marlin Brando, Charlton Heston, James Baldwin, Sidney Poitier and Joseph Manciewtz

amazing to hear them talk some 54 years ago about things that are happening today that perhaps worse then ever before in our history

1963….Rosa Parks taking a seat in the front of the city bus….What comes to mind from this amazing interview is one of the last things the writer James Baldwin says around the 29 minute mark….Mr.Baldwin communicates an incredible insight and posed the question why did the white american republic have to create the ni*&er? what is the need to keep the african american people down.

It’s incredible for me to see the blatant business of our prison system in America and how we’ve used the african american male to fill our prisons and by us breaking apart the family unit where families are growing up with male role models it just repeats the pattern and the business of why did the white american republic create the business of exploiting another.

These patterns in our society are so blatant that we’ve normalized them to feel like it’s ok that things are this way…but it’s not ok and it’s not ok that we exploit others.

and 54 years later we still are at it.


Great interview..very insightful and amazing to see some of the most powerful artist in our modern history talk about Human Rights


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