Congrats to our Newest “RadHuman” Elizabeth Warren

Celebrating RadHuman beings that have dedicated their lives to the betterment of humanity with their love, work and heart. Elizabeth Warren is one of our RadHuman Heroes that we look up too and deeply appreciate for her life work for the common man in American. We apprecaite YOU Mrs. Warren!!!!! and give our support for your run for President of the United States in 2020.

We have a Pink hat with a white brim which is great to decorate with our Uchida Pen Kit to create your personal “Walking Billboard Of RadNess” and for every hat that we sell at RadHuman….We give back our SaveTheArts in America Program to kids through our Buy1GiveOne Platform.

• Comes with a set of 5 Uchida Fabric Markers to create your own, personal “Walking Billboard of Radness”

• Buy1GiveOne Program 

HOW It Works? When you buy a “RadHuman” Hat from our website “WE” together through our “Buy1GiveOne”platform give back our Every Hat Has a Story Experience to our “SaveTheArts” Program where we have kids at Non Profits, Schools and Family Shelters paint their hats where they create “Walking Billboards Of RadNess”

If you have an existing relationship with a non-profit, a school or a shelter we would love to bring the Every Hat Has A Story program to you…please email President Rad at com or call the President Rad, Tony Milano Directly at (310)266-8529 & Thank You for sharing and spreading the RadNess with your friends, family and work colleagues.

Have A Rad Day!

President Rad

Tony Milano

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