Day 13: RadUncle….Passion on set today/This Rad Life

Keep Showing Up!!!

Follow Your RADNESS!!!!

My Eyes Are Beyond My Eyes Right Now…so good & Tired from an awesome day of work!!! I had a moment today where i got zapped by a creative force of talent…this doesn’t happen very often where iiiiii feel I’m with someone at their top of there I was rocked when my friend Anthony Mandler showed me a music video that he’s editing…its not done but it was game changing in the world of music videos and that genre…he’s out of his mind what he did and what he’s doing…I was ANGRY..I HAD A TEAR COME FROM MY EYE….I COULD FEEL HIS PASSION FOR EVERY STEP OF THE PROCESS AND HOW IT TRANSLATING INTO THIS MOMENT AND TIME Lana Del Rey is a force of depth and creativity….This Rad Life





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