Day 14: Keeping The Mojo Alive…7 Tips for Radness


My tips to keeping my MOJO Working Are.

1. Water

2. More Water

3. Stay away from toxic people who drain your energy “like a desert takes water”

4. liquids in the morning (Water, Fresh Juices, Smoothie..Then Coffee/Tea)

5. I want to stay light…I like that feeling and with me with my lifestyle. I stay up late (2am)and I get up early (7am)

6. For me to survive without a ton of rest I have to eat light because the food weighs me down in the morning but what happens later in the day I usually naturally perk up and I usually eat a big meal of meat & vegetable. ( I always try to get a green vegetable with my meals ) I look at everything I eat on how my body is going to digest it and get rid of it..this has taken me a long time to “Get This” because let’s face it..I’m American and I was brought up on Hamburger’s, Hot Dog’s, Mac & Cheese, Bacon & Eggs, Pizza, Taco Bell, Hostess Cup Cakes, Gatorade and Orange Julius…oh and Kentucky Friend Chicken…and you know what I still eat those foods but they aren’t my main meals. I don’t eat them on a consistent basis. I don’t think you can make those meals consistent or they’ll get ya when you start to slow down as you get older or  when your life becomes more sedentary (job/computer/i sit vibe 🙂 ) it will just stick to ass and belly and make you bloat and all the salt will puff  your lymph glands and give you that puffy glazed look around your face!

7. Learn to re-attack

Your body is an animal and it wants you to unleash it..the body is meant for us to be creative and being creative is being physical. Your body will mold with how you shape it, with what you put in it. Your body is mailable, supple and amazing…sculp your body one day at a time. If your 16 or 78 you gotta move that body magic to make that magic body work! So attack your body by re-attacking everyday in some way to get your juices going and flowing 🙂


I’m off to workout. I’m weightlifting again after nearly 20 years of not lifting and it feels great. It feels great to feel the sensation of my body working. I am thankful that I’m able to Re-Attack My Body.


Rad, wasn’t built in a day 🙂




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