Day 17: From RadUncle to The RadDad. Tips To Survive & Thrive & A Special Shout Out To One Of The Legends Of Uncle Lore..Who Just Had A Baby :))

When I think about a Rad Uncle. I think of a friend, a mentor, a motivator and this RadUncle..who will always be a Rad Uncle is now a RadDad. I special shout out to my dear friend Gus Roxburgh and his lovely wife Lauren (Lo) Borden on having their beautiful daughter Cameron the past week.

971426_10151846778882533_858445673_nIt is such an honor to have kids (I have two, my daughter Bodhi who is 5 and my son Adler who is 3) It really forces you to be present and consistently present to be a great parent. I saw my self fail last week when I had my 1st photo shoot for my company RadUncle. I’ve done hundreds of shoots over the last 15 years but this was the 1st one for my company and I found myself as producer, art director, casting, director, caterer, stylist…I found myself in the role of entrepreneur 101 and I noticed something a deep pattern that I will have the chance to work on being an entrepreneur dad that’s present with his kids a ton because I’m here for a big dream and I realize that’s going to take a ton of focused, consistent, commitment.

It will be interesting to see my Brother Gus as he segues from the raddest uncle to the raddest papa. Challenges that I see for new dads are.1098283_10151839410382533_378672226_n

1. Sleep deprivation

(force yourself to rest when you can because over a few months, years this gets and can really make it hard on you physically, emotionally, etc) Sleep and Rest as much as you can rule number 1o1

2. Workout

(stay physical) you’re going to be less active so get yourself outside, walk your baby, get your body moving when you can..take the car less and walk more…most dads put on about 10-20 lbs and they don’t get it just stays and it usually stays around the core because your moving your body less.

3. Rehydrate

(Create a new relationship with water and rehydrate) let’s face it…there’s nothing like having a baby it’s so’s absolutely a miracle and it’s beyond hard at a certain point because your life becomes about your kids in the deep respect that they need you ALL THE TIME and you gotta be there and after awhile that wears you down and wears you out…so enjoy the journey and get as healthy as possible.

4. Sex

Don’t give up on sex. Stay relevant with your partner. The focus will shift big time for the newborn/the kids but that doesn’ mean you have to lose each other in the waves of being parents because this happens a lot with new parents they lose each other and some never recover from this and they get on the parent track and forget about the love that brought them together in the 1st place.

From RadUncle To RadDad and I say these things because I’ve felled miserably at all of them and I’ve gotten better at them as the goodthing is you get the chance to keep improving and working on being there for yourself 1st and your kids and partner will benefit because we/you/me have done the lil things that make us happy people and a happy parent is a happy partner.

In Rad We Trust :))

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