Day 18: From Rad’s 1st Photo Shoot (423 Pictures To Go Through)

Last week we had our 1st photo shoot for RadUncle and yesterday the AwesomeRadnessAmazing Photographer Brooklin Rosenstock came by with an edited version of the shoot he took close to 700 images and presented me with the top 423 pics to go through…..It will be interesting the next week or so to sift through them. They’re are about 50 that are really amazing to me….and all we need is about 30 so I’m super stoked and super honored to have a brilliant photographer on my side it takes a ton to get anything of the ground and when it comes to building a brand. Images, feelings, life that is one of the initial pulses that you need and must have. 12984_10151375805389058_1932923346_n-1

We are going to have fun with this 1st photo shoot!!!

They’re are more photo shoots happening and in the works. In early September when Brooklin comes back from the Dominica Republic (vacation) we are planning a lifestyle piece of me and a rad woman going up the coast. I’m stoked will be a another day in the life piece and we have a Rad Family photo coming up with several family’s and our kids and it’s probably going to be around “Food” and “Eating”

One last thing…life is a collaboration and art is a process and my life is an ongoing chemistry experience of creating momentum…leverage..access to my dreams…ACCESS TO OTHER PEOPLES DREAMS THAT COME INTO CONTACT with you when you collaborate….What can I offer? What can I give? These are my morning my questions


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