Day 23: Throwback Thursday 1993

wpid-IMG_20130831_230547I went to dinner at my Mom’s last week and my ex-girlfriend just moved back from NY and she had some old photos from when I was 8 years old like this one!!  How much has that 8-year-old changed in that picture over the last 20 years. I don’t know if change is the right word to describe transformation, broken down, destroyed, opened up. Life has its way like the constant ebb and flow of the tide like the fucking ocean sea and life does that too to a person’s life it chips away sometimes chisels but mostly it’s that consistent sculpting that makes the young man become the man. I remember going to India the 1st time and consciously being open to any and everything and knowing that I wanted to challenge the way I “Filtered” life. You see my whole life most of my life has been played and lived on the physical plane. I am a natural athlete, strong, physical and healthy but I found that I had a limitation on how I experienced life because I pretty much willed everything with my physical strength. So, In a strange way I asked to get sick and so I did. I got Malaria, hepatitis, dysentery in my 1st year trip to the East and I have changed but it’s still subtle in that most of my experience still comes from that physical platform. I’d like to say I’m an intellectual but for the most part I process life and things as a caveman. I’m not sure how much I’ve evolved. I love to eat, travel, meet new people, paint, surf, play any kind of sport, make love and be with friends and family. My life is pretty simple but back to the Throwback Thursday Photo. Has that guy changed…YES, HE HAS CHANGED but it’s been subtle he’s still the same guy but his dreams, his LIFE CRAFT HAS BECOME MORE STREAMLINED AND FOCUSED…….HE’S BECOME A SCULPTOR…HE’S NOT JUST AN IDEA WITH A BODY ANYMORE…..a Baby, A Boy, A Boy Becomes A Man, Telling Stories, Stories From A Distant Land

This story is my life and the evolution of this person’s experience.

And I ask how can I/We not change if we are made up of 100 Trillion cells. That are dying, reproducing and constantly evolving. Breaking through the many parts of oneself.   Fear, Love, Attachment…..and Boundaries…The Good and The Bad and the Deeeeeeeep Conditioning that we experience and create in our life….I believe this is the biggest thing that holds us up and holds us down…Conditioning and the ever-present of Breaking Your Mirror.




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