Day 7: Juice Fast ( oh chaka )

Day 7: Juice Fast

I’m a single dad w half custody and my big days.w my kids are Wed & Thur so it was interesting to be fasting and have the kids for the last 48 hrs. Our daughter Bodhi is 5 & our son Adler is 3. They are phenomenal..we are super stoked and blessed and they are a handful. But..what i found w the.fasting was something really profound and that my focus was on them more and less on me. I think that in my normal.state i am more.dictating in how i process and.create. I’m a physical person so i use my body a lot to create action for me and that’s good but i got.a.chance to.see how i identify with that process to the point where it is the most dominant part of how i interact in my life. By SLOWING DOWNthe last few days the last week..what i noticed was a focus on others ..i’ve had some of the best times that i’ve had with my kids the last.few days because i was totally there for them because it was all that i could do..i couldnt be 10 other places doing 6 different things..i was very simple..practical.  We baked cookies, played pirates and.dressed up went to the pool..went to.the beach made pizza…it was full on and we had of.stories….this is the life of a single dad…w a or not ;)) i just noticed that i really dropped in and had a rad time with.them!

Juice Recipe from day 7…”juice of the day”

I made this for me and.the kids after went to the was second juice of the day.

1lb of green grapes
1lb of strawberries

The kids loved it and my body just soaked it up like a good piece of hot fresh bread on a winter night when you dip the bread into that amazing piping hot soup!!!!! My body was the sponge absorbing all that electricity of goodness!!!!

Profound insights?

A lack of hunger…not having the cravings to eat anymore…i’m not hungry at all and so is my brother. That being said we have begun to write our food list of what to make next at the house and what restaurants for us to go too…i know that we will still juice in the mornings and i know one of the 1st meals i male will be short ribs (the 1st 3 days all i could think about was how the meat falls from the bone and the juices on the bottom of the bowl how i love to drink,slather, lick every last drip of that concoction 😉  Aloha of to work!!! Gonna take a run at the beach and a lil.swim and then to day is all about painting on RadUncle shirts and hats!!!!

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