“Definitive Purpose”

10991130_927428493958299_5190062685003284699_nSoldiers, Warriors, Ants, Systems, Entrepreneurs…..The ever changing landscape of society…as the USA begins to get smaller and smaller over time with population and with its landscape shrinking….old systems that are archaic will hold on…..”Will Hold On” but will eventually break apart …the education system and dynamic in our country is one of those archaic systems that will eventually fall apart or our country will begin to become more and more and more and elitist state with only the rich having the right to higher education.10917090_10152290020229058_129649560566527076_n

Hence the ants being the soldiers and the 1% of society controlling the masses. When you think about the history of time….My memory (my education to this point allows me to think of the Khmer Rouge and to Adolf Hitler…in how the 1st people they went to extinct where the students the youthful educated minds of a society they the artist the free thinkers. In our society today in the United States our art programs are being completely cut and taken out of our school systems across the country more and more. I just recently started doing a 1 for 1 program where for every hat that I sell from my website https://radhuman.net/ I’m giving back a hat/art program…to the “Every Hat Has A Story” Program that I created. I’m honored to have the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles as the main program sponsor for the program. My deep goal behind creating the extension of the art program is to create creative minds….My goal is create WARRIORS, ENTREPRENEURS & I believe with the state of the arts and our education system being in a major archaic state that “Creativity is the guide” that celebrates and gives us that special “Pop” that makes America still that special place that it is and what our forefathers had the vision for it to be but we are at an interesting point in our society and this is a time in our HISTORY where ART & EDUCATION have to be linked to create individuals and not sheep (Soldier Ants) I’m talking about the brilliance that every human being is and the amazing story that we all are. WeAreOne365 ….My new website is coming soon SuperRad365.com..I will let everyone know10606412_790486907683134_6786040545991245147_n

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