Each hat has a story!!! “Good Day”

1384195_10151493144864058_596413297_nI’m calling this RadUncle Custom One Of A Kind Original “Good Day” I made this for Katrina Rice Smith and this is her second hat that she’s bought from me!!! She’s been a huge a support putting up different mini rad photo shoots with the 1st hat she has. The story for me for this hat was really getting into the music that she requested for the song. “Good Day” by Nappy Roots!!!! It got me bouncing and singing with the kids singing the chorus..it’s a really sweet song and the colors in the painting/drawing natural came out of me when i was listening to the music..I listened to the song 14 times in a row :))) It was great to do and I feel like I’m getting better and better at the painting process and deeply enjoying the experience of listening to what people share with me with their song selection…stoked and I was stoked that she let me pick the colors..that gave me some freedom to explore…..This Rad Hat Has A Story..and I’m exciting to see it go to its new home in Paso Robles, California and have its Rad Life!!!!!! My goal with each hat or shirt or hoodie is to share the vision of what Rad Uncle is all about!

1. You’re A Miracle

2. Follow Your Radness

3. Rad, wasn’t built in a day

Those are the 3 Pillars That I’m building RadUncle around !!!

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