“Every Hat Has A Story” A Community Experience Created By RadUncle & RadKids at The Giving Garden Oct.26th

What a great time we had this last weekend at The Giving Garden sharing the “Every Hat Has A Story” Experience with the Rad Communities of RadUncle & RadKids. Special thanks for all the people, families and kids that made it out to our super special super fun and full on interactive time creating together & special thanks to Photographer Nicola Buck for taking some beautifull and candid Rad photos…thank U Nicola :))) Our next “Every Hat Has A Story” is still pending we have a few coming up in November and Dec. I will post on the website and the facebook pages  https://www.facebook.com/RadUncle &  https://www.facebook.com/pages/RadKids/232762723598711 for our next community event here in Los Angeles!!! and if your not familiar with the story of how “Every hat has a story” I’m attaching it below and please share with everyone you know…I’d love to create with you, your kids, your company…It’s really a great thing!! I think it might be the new bohemian stitch n bitch..the kids have a great time but it’s the adults spending hours creating side by side in a fun atmosphere that makes this soul special to me. That being said this is amazing for kids but just as amazing as it is for kids it’s for adults as well. All Ages All Good…100% RAD :))))

EveryHatBannerMyKidsnbIMG_1974nbIMG_206410606281_10152144783489058_2624757921502403678_nnbIMG_2022nbIMG_2078nbIMG_1964It started with me creating hats for people. Rad customers

would send me their favorite 3+ colors and their favoritesong or album of all time and I would create a one of akind Rad hat design but something unique happened in the

process. One day I had a rush of orders and I needed help

with putting paint on some of the hats in certain areas that

I designed. So, I asked my mom to help me out.

She’s an artist and she helped me paint inside the designs

that I created and then the idea “popped” why not create a

platform for people to create their own story, their own hat

and that’s where the idea came to start a program where

people would create their own custom one of a kind Rad

hat and “The Every Hat Has A Story Experience Was Born”

nbIMG_1988 nbIMG_2040

We have collaborated, created and mentored with some of

the top schools and institutions in Los Angeles.

Special thanks to UCLA, The StarBright Foundation,

First Star Academy, The Waldorf School, Play Mountain

Place, Friends Western School & New Roads School.



Our goal and intention with the Community Engagement Program is to bring people together…in a shared creative experience within the individual experience.

come and create your own Radness & Share and Shine your light

as we create walking billboards of Radness together spreading Rad seeds along the way 🙂


Please come *to share *to celebrate *to experience

The “Every Hat Has A Story” Community Experience


 a program thats fun for all ages, interactive and affordable.

NicolaHatnbIMG_2106 TonyPaintingHats

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