“Every Hat Has A Story” Experience…The Day After LA LIVES Family Take Over Event!!!

Yesterday Kenny, Michelle and Aundrea and I went to LA LIVE Downtown for their Family Day and we painted, we talked, we share, we mentored, we talked some more and we got to witness and be apart of one of our best days as a company yesterday….In the sense that people where INSPIRED and they where creating…creating their story through a platform that we created and that in itself was awesome…AWESOME….WE GOT TO CHANGE SOME PEOPLES LIVES!!! Now That’s Awesome!!!unnamed-13 My Family SHOWED up my Sister, Mom, Auntie and My Rad Kids.unnamed-12Aundrea & Michelle Spreading the Rad Love…Great souls..Great MENTORS…FRIENDS and TEACHERS!!! Rad Ambassadors/Team Rad/Family Rad
unnamed-15This photo means a lot to me because..The Mom and Dad…Love their kids so much…The Father was very nice and shy and the Mom was shy as well and the kids where just going for it and being radkids….it’s amazing too me the feeling that I get when I see people creating and spending time at our events and they make their story…I’m always touched and inspired by that relay..that connection to seeing them create their magic..”Walking Billboards Of RadNess”11222645_10152637441014058_955933655054182961_n I know this Rad Family!!!! Our kids go to the same school in Los Angeles…They came up to me and they where like..Hey, Tony!!! OMG This is YOU…This is awesome..this is what you do….It was a great moment..great talk and time….super sweet beautiful people and family…stoked for them to see what we are doing with the Rad Movement :)))11745355_10152637034294058_8509365041035716503_nThis Rad Family was from Torrance…great people….Rad Dad works with Water and making it safer and more accessible to people and the RadMom has a dance studio…soul let’s get our ZUMBA on and get rad dancing….and that being said..there was some good music at LA Live…and it was fun to dance in between painting hats and talking to people

11100968_10152638536829058_265075583411017650_nRad Girl and her Rad Mom Sharing a Rad Time Together….Lots of love here….LOTS OF LOVE….you could feel it at the booth…you feel the Mom..so much love and soaring joy for her Daughter….I’m stoked on this “Every Hat Has A Story” because it brings people together…and it let’s creativity be the experience….their is something to say about

AUTHENTIC PERSONAL EXPERIENCE……..and what art does it makes you commit…it takes all of your senses and puts YOU in the present moment…it makes you be there and that’s what I  LOVE….I seeing people of all ages not just kids go for it and this platform “Every Hat Has A Story” is Rad Because it makes your experience a lil better and you get to create “WALKING BILLBOARDS OF RADNESS” at the sametime!!!

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