“Every Hat Has A Story” Mentorship Program @ UCLA

It was a great pleasure and one of top highlights so far for us at RadUncle & RadKids to have the opportunity to “Share” Work, Create and Be apart of the process of the 57 Foster Kids that we got to bring our first mentorship program “Every Hat Has A Story” to UCLA via The StarBright Foundations First Star Academy. UCLA and StarBright Partner up and bring in the First Star Academy and they bring in 12th graders that our interested in going on to college for 5 weeks and they live, work, breathe, eat and sleep the college life in the dorms for those 5 weeks and they also have a 2 week program where 9th graders come and stay and learn about what it takes to be and get into college.


The kids in these pics are 9th graders and they where awesome…it was amazing to hear about their stories and see how gong ho they where as they painted their story/hat and each kid was truly unique in how they created and worked out they way they painted.


I think for me doing this for the 1st time w so many people it was neat to see the unique differences in how people create but at the same time everyone was in it together. Some of the kids where super fast others took their time and somewhere very shy some used bold colors and some used softer colors but every kid was special and unique in how they made their hat.


I want to thank Molotow Acrylic Pens in Germany and Blick Art Material for their support and discount of the rad products that the both create and a deep shout out to the StarBright Foundation and Peter Samuelson for having us create something really fun and unique with these awesome kids from The First Star Academy and Go BRUINS!!! Thanks UCLA!

Until the next adventure….I’m truly excited for the next hats to be created and experiences to unfold with “EVERY HAT HAS A STORY”IMG_20140724_181559IMG_20140724_181324IMG_20140724_170818IMG_20140724_175801IMG_20140724_181455IMG_20140724_175707IMG_20140724_173654IMG_20140724_172057IMG_20140724_164927IMG_20140724_172800IMG_20140724_181018

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