Every Hat Has A Story


It all started one day when I was feeling like I wasn’t doing enough creatively with my company and I just started to paint hats, now it’s a key part of our company and business called our “Every Hat Has A Story”  Program.

Through our “Every Hat Has A Story” Program, we turn people on to their creativity by giving them an experience to paint one of a kind custom, original hats. For every hat that we sell WE partner together and give back a blank canvas, Rad hat and our “Every Hat Has A Story” Program to a Public School or a Non-Profit that works with kids. This is all possible through our “Buy1GiveOne” Platform which feeds our “SaveTheArts” Campaign.

The Every Hat Has A Story Program is seeking schools, festivals, business-es, museums, corporations, nonprofits& rad individuals like you to partner, participate and collaborate with us to spread the message – – That Art heals and celebrates the human experience.

Our goal at RadUncle is to guide people towards their highest potential through their creativity…. This is what we do, this is the way of the Rad.

SAVE THE ARTS – WHY? Public schools across America are cutting off funding for art programs and art is losing its spot in the education curriculum.This is the last thing we should be doing to our society, our kids, and our future. The world needs more art. Exercising our own unique creativity is the lightning rod that inspires, engages and educates us all.

EXPERIENCE AND EFFECT – The magic begins as people begin to paint their story and the great thing is that everybody’s story is different..If you do one hat or 100 hats…art always changes and every hat has a story! People lose their sense of time and drop into a place of pure creativity –  completely dropping into the moment.

The “Every Hat Has A Story” experience is a fun, simple and creative experience that reconnects people of all ages to their creativity. People then share their experience that they created and they become “Walking Billboards Of RadNess” by wearing their hats, talking about them and then sharing their story on their various social media platforms. As they bring their branded “story” back to their hometown, school, workplace, neighborhood – the marketing/advertising genius of the Every Hat Has A Story program is born.

We call it a “360” Home run because it effects everyone that is a part of the program from the Creative Consumer to the Branded Program that wants an authentic experience that’s passionately shared by their Consumer Partner.  Every Hat Has A Story Is A Creative Grand Slam.

Amazing partners we have shared this experience…