French Elle Photo Shoot January 2014 / My Rad Experience

imageMy last production job I did I had a really interesting experience. 1st off I met some really nice new friends. Koury Angelo was one of the photo assistants and we had a really kindred spirit connection. I look forward to doing something really creative with him here’s his link to  his site , It was nice to really watch the Photographer Jan Welters and the Stylist/Creative Director Elissa Castelbou Loiret…both passionate and very different but got what they envisioned it was really neat to observe and see their work ethic and drive for the best shot and shoot possible. It was nice to feel them push eachother because they really cared about what they do. I loved watching Jan’s eyes when he would get ready to shoot..he would breakdown the space in small increments to get the exact angle and look that he was feeling. The flip side, I got sick the day of the 1st shoot and It took me over 10 days to get better. The sickest that I’ve been since I traveled to India and had a lung problem that sent me to the hospital in India. Not the best place to be on a holiday :))))) Here are some of my shots from the shoot. I look forward to seeing this issue of French Elle in a few months and connecting with some of the new connections that I made from this Rad Experience. (Tiina the make up artist, Claudio the hairstylist, Juliette the stylist assistant) on a good shoot there takes so many parts and this was a really good one. Even if I got as a sick as I got just shows how rad the shoot was…i wasn’t able to sleep the 1st night in the desert because I got a fever and I wasn’t able to break it so I just tossed and turned the entire night…and a special thanks to Mike the RV driver that really saved me on the 1st night when I got a flat tire on the way home in the middle of nowhere..complete darkness out in the middle of the desert. He came and helped me fix the tire when all the equipment broke! I was sweating in the freezing cold and burning up at the sametime…I knew I was fucked but I didn’t know it would take me almost 2 weeks to recover. OH SHIT!!!! That being said..great times, great shoot, great people…SUPER RAD Experience :)))

imageJan, Elissa and Ginty in between shots

imageThe Morning Sun in the desert is so powerful…you can feel a 10 degree’s shift in the temperature within minutes when the sun comes up

imageKoury and Phil..Jan’s assistants bringing some magic and light to soul shoot

imageJan in focus mode….reading and feeling the light

imageHairstylist and Photographer…..visioning their work/next steps

imageThe super rad soulful awesome stylist assistant and creative spirit Juliette Alleaume…catching the soul of the desert sun

imageElissa and Crew Stretching The Sun..Making Magic in The Magic Hour

imageGinty and Jan havin  some fun between shots!

wpid-20140110_153300.jpgwpid-20140110_151354.jpgI made these customs one of a kind originals for Ginty and Juliette.

imageMJ the Producer in her rad element…awesome cars


imageFeels like we where at a mini rave..camping in the desert

FimageClaudio Belizario the hairstylist from Brazil but now lives in New York…we shared some good stories and a love for Feijoada Brazilian Stew which has some similarities to Cassoulet the French Stew..I’m getting hungry now!

image The Joshua Tree’s where everywhere where we shot…beautiful creatures they are!

imageSun falling down on the desert sky


wpid-20140110_110219.jpgJuliette, Ginty the super rad model and Elissa…really sweet chemistry on the set…really nice people….a RAD shoot on all accounts!

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