Happy Valentine’s Day EVERYONE ” I took my kids to Daybreaker at 6am”

Hi Everyone!!! Happy Valentine’s Day from Hollywood!!! My friend Tawnya Calvillo took me and my kids and her kids to DayBreaker Valentine’s Day Dance….and it was so much fun…..We Danced and Danced some more and made Valentines Day Cards for love one’s…..a really special time and it reminded me how amazing it is to dance with people and how awesome it is to start the day off early with amazing people and how great it is to move the body!!


That seems to be a huge them so far for me in 2018….Move Thy Body and it feels great….I’m having a blast in 2018 and a big part of that is because of the movement from running, dancing, hiking, biking and cold water beach swimming that I’ve been doing…..Here’s to you and your loved ones and many blessings from the RadFamily to yours…big love


Tony 🙂  

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