Having a mentor “n this case a RadUncle”

Uncle Russ And MeI have had a bunch of people ask me how I came up with the name RadUncle and I gotta be honest I’m not exactly sure how it popped for me but I love it and It stuck once we got that image of RadUncle that being said I always wanted a RadUncle because I didn’t have one growing up on my mom or dad’s side of the family. Just a bunch of dweebs in survival mode battling their own personal demons, addictions or families.  But then comes along Uncle Russ my Aunt Dorie’s new guy for about 10 years now and walla walla…aka the original RadUncle appears…to me in this case my RadUncle is a mentor in life,  a father, a brother, someone that I can talk to about life on all levels. We have had our differences I tend to do that with anyone that comes deep in my inner circle…it’s the nature of the chaka. I give a ton but I take enough where you feel it and sometimes the mirrors aren’t always comfortable but that’s what a Rad Figure is for sometimes to BOUNCE off of and challenge a bit….A young buck has a lot of power and I’m at the highest of my juice in a lot of respects..I’m probably in the middle of my existence with experience and knowledge and I think I’m a late bloomer when it comes to business and It has helped me a ton to have mentors in all fields and in this case My Uncle Russ has helped play a role for me that I didn’t have and I needed since my Dad died about 17 years ago. It’s hard having kids, having a business and not knowing which direction to go sometimes and a RadUncle is someone that takes the time to listen, guide, share and talk.

Uncle Russ And Me

So checklist is done…I have a Rad Uncle and now, I’ve also been able to ask for help and guidance in other areas of my life and that has been a huge component to my recent moving forward in my success. Mentors are huge because they have been their, they have been in the trenches and they know a ton of shit about what goes down and how to keep fighting the good fight.

Back to Uncle Russ.

Surfer for 55 years

Had a Farm ( a real one..big 100 acres big)

Was a fighter pilot in Vietnam (sad to this day about what went down and what he still see’s and knows from 1st hand experience of what bombs and modern weapons can do to people…war is exact and it takes it deep toll on all of us)

35 years head pilot of united

played linebacker at USC

Is 70 and can kick most men’s asses to this day

has a house in alaska that he built w his bare hands

he is humble..you wouldn’t know jack about him

I think he does too much…he needs to enjoy more

I love my RadUncle ..I am thankful I have one

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