Why. I Started The Global “I LOVE YOU” Sticker Campaign


Being human in the 21st Century….Commonality, Community.

When I look at the “I LOVE YOU” Sticker and it’s Art it’s Reach it’s Why…I go back to this picture here and the pure state of being..there is just pure love coming from this kidthat became this manI have a lil SOLILOQUY that kind of sums up my life’s experience to date. A Baby a Boy…A BOY becomes a MAN…Telling Stories from a Distant Land….For me my art is my life and how I interact with socieity…I look at the world as a playground canvas to create, share and navigate being human….Life is Art.

Which to me is my greatest purpose with the SaveTheArts Mission and that’s to share and show people of all ages that their LIFE IS ART.

For me the I LOVE YOU Sticker is the greatest thing that I can do as an artist…and that’s to share my deepest concentrated essence of being and then sharing that magic soul that beams ….and it’s incredibly simple…taken me from that soliloquy “a Baby a Boy..A BOY becomes a MAN” to be able to tell his story which is all our stories :)))

When I think of all the experiences and journeys and places and faces and people and things that I’ve done, seen, heard, shared, witness.

I keep coming back to the simple and CONCENTRATED gift of LOVE…There is nothing greater then being in the company of someone that loves you and cares for youthis is my highest art.

Please help me spread, share, this concentrated RadNess with your world, our world, this world.


I Love You

Always Tony

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