Henry Rollins Interviews Samuel Jackson (Living Legends…Walking The Talk)

I haven’t been writing very much the last few weeks. I had a week of vacation with my kids and that was awesome and a lot of RadDad energy in full effect my kids are 6 & 4 (Bodhi and Adler). They are absolutely amazing, I’m a lucky Dad and human being to have such amazing kids and people. It’s been and amazing journey being a dad.

Since I haven’t been writing very much, I have been reading a little bit and watching some documentaries on people that I love and respect. Today, I watched a few episodes of Henry Rollins doing interviews and one of the ones that inspired me to share on my blog was this one w Samuel Jackson. I love Samuel Jackson and his honesty. Henry and Samuel together is a great time. A lot of knowledge and reflection between these two Rad People.


and the book I’m reading is “Let My People Go Surfing” by Yvon Chourinard the creator of Patagonia…I’m on page 151…Inspiring..very inspiring.


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